• Lush Breastfeeding Hoodie - a k k a j o®

    a k k a j o®

    a k k a j o® is a brand of leisure and activewear that has been designed and developed by a group of mums in New Zealand.

    We believe that you deserve quality gear that makes you look amazing through all stages of pregnancy. We pride ourselves with a range that provides comfort, support, style and luxury.

    We are passionate about supporting mothers through their journey.

  • Lush™ Fabric

    akkajo’s scientifically engineered Lush™ fabric is designed to stretch as your bump grows, allowing our styles to be worn during your 1st, 2nd or 3rd trimester.

    High fabric GSM, combined with moisture wicking, breathable properties, allowing you to exercise in comfort. Squat proof peach-finish fabric providing all the support you need to be confident during your workout.

  • Activewear that Inspires

    There's so much we go through as new mums and our focus and priorities almost immediately shifts from 'me' to 'them'. Yes we are happy to go through it and being a mother is the greatest privilege of all. Lets not forget ourselves though.

    It's ok to take care of you. Stay connected, keep active & energized.

    Sometimes all you need is the right gear to get you out and moving.

    We aim to inspire.

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