The Fabulous Benefits of Maternity Leggings: How to Improve your Pregnancy

The Fabulous Benefits of Maternity Leggings: How to Improve your Pregnancy

Why Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings form part of maternity support garments, which are widely available and commonly recommended and used for alleviation of lower back pain and improved circulation. Research has shown that maternity leggings provide compressive properties to pregnant women.


1. Enhanced Circulation

Circulation on many levels can be negatively impacted by pregnancy. Blood more likely to clot as a result of hormonal changes. This increases the chances of deep vein thrombosis.
As the uterus grows, it can also push on your veins, decreasing blood flow and causing blood to pool in your feet and legs. Maternity leggings gently compress your veins, and combat these side effects, assisting with healthy circulation.
In improving circulation, there are several other benefits such as relieved venous pressure and even helping with varicose veins.


2. Reprieve for Sore, Fatigued and Sluggish Legs

Feeling sore, fatigued and sluggish are some of the typical side effects of pregnancy. Maternity leggings help reduce these unpleasant feelings in your legs by improves your legs’ circulation.
They help your legs feel energised, increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients that the blood takes in and circulates through your body.
Even better, maternity leggings can reduce the buildup of lactic acid, which contributes to muscle pain and soreness.


3. Less Swelling

It is natural to experience swelling during pregnancy since a woman’s body produces more blood and body fluids to support the growing baby. Interestingly, approximately 25 percent of pregnancy weight gain is due simply to the extra fluids, not to the baby itself.
Whilst swelling is normal during pregnancy, for many women it is a source of discomfort or pain. Maternity leggings provide gentle compression which can help reduce or prevent swelling by gently hugging the legs, leaving minor room for excessive fluid to build up. As a result, this can reduce the pain or discomfort caused by the swelling.


4. Keeping a “Normal” Figure

Reducing swelling with maternity leggings can have another fabulous side effect: helping your legs maintain more of a “normal” shape. Many women find that they lose definition during pregnancy. Maternity leggings help your legs keep their natural shape.

Irrespective of where you are on your pregnancy journey, maternity leggings are a must have. They can help with the painful side effects such as swelling, aches and fatigue. The other key benefits of maternity leggings are support, comfort and aesthetic appeal. Browse our maternity leggings for the perfect pair which ticks all the boxes.